World thyroid day

With World Thyroid Day coming up on May 25th and the Australian Thyroid Foundation’s Thyroid Awareness Month throughout May, integrative thyroid and hormonal health organisation, The Lucy Rose Clinic is encouraging Australians to arrange comprehensive thyroid testing this year. 

It is estimated 50% of those with a thyroid condition are undiagnosed, which means more than 1 million Australians are living with an undiagnosed thyroid condition with thyroid conditions being 10 times more prevalent in women than men. The Lucy Rose Clinic has seen a 15% increase in Thyroid Auto-Immunity in their patients over the past 5 years. 

The most common condition is Hypothyroidism, with approximately 33% of Australians affected. The symptoms vary but the most common are fatigue, unexplained weight gain, brain fog/memory loss, muscle aches, joint pain, and low libido.

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped hormonal gland that is important for controlling the speed of every process in the body, including metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, digestion, cell maintenance, cognitive development and muscle movement. 

Due to the varied symptoms caused by a thyroid condition, it can often be misdiagnosed. For example, patients are often told that their symptoms are linked to menopause or depression. 

In addition to this, auto-immune thyroid conditions can sometimes be reversed when detected early. This is another reason The Lucy Rose Clinic is urging Australians to get tested so they can be sure of the cause of their issues to then get help. The key to understanding the underlying cause of thyroid conditions lies in conducting comprehensive testing not just on thyroid hormones and antibodies, but across the complete spectrum of nutritional, hormonal and biochemical pathways.

“We are encouraging all Australians to investigate their health issues further if they have symptoms including fatigue, unexplained weight gain, brain fog/memory loss, muscle aches and joint pain, insomnia, low libido, depression and anxiety and they have not yet had their thyroid tested,” said Lucy Herron, CEO of The Lucy Rose Clinic.

“While thyroid conditions are more prevalent in women than men, we are also urging men to get tested if they feel they may have a thyroid issue to ensure early detection.

“The Lucy Rose Clinic team are thyroid experts who are highly skilled in the interpretation of functional pathology with regard to the hormonal system. Clients undertake comprehensive thyroid tests, not just the standard TSH thyroid test which often does not provide enough information.

“Our goal is to support our clients to optimal health in the quickest and easiest way possible. “We look for the underlying drivers of a thyroid condition and correct them with individualised treatment plans and personalised supplementation through our nationwide telehealth service. We urge you not to leave it because the earlier thyroid issues are detected the easier this is to achieve.”

Australians can get in touch with a thyroid expert at The Lucy Rose Clinic by calling 1300 849 764.

More information about thyroid conditions and treatments can be found on The Lucy Rose Clinic website, 

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