How To Write A PR Brief

At Sense Communications we are contacted every week by potential clients interested in appointing our services, as well as existing clients that require us to work on new projects. Often, we will have a call to go through the required tasks, but usually having a written PR brief as well ensures that everyone is on the same page so the PR agency can respond with an accurate and relevant proposal. This article explains how to write a PR brief.

A well-written PR brief simplifies the process of hiring a PR agency, or briefing your existing agency, and also helps to receive a timely response.  

Here are the key things that should be included in a PR Brief:

  1. An overview of your business. If you do not already work with the agency, the brief should start with a quick business overview, what your offering is, Unique Selling Points (USPs) and any other facts that you think will be useful. 
  1. Response date. We know that often there may be a deadline for a proposal, especially if you are wanting to use PR services for a launch event or product. 
  1. Campaign brief. What is the campaign? 
  1. Services. What is it exactly that you would like the PR agency to do for you? 
  1. Campaign objectives.  What are you hoping to achieve from the PR campaign? What are your aims? It might be to raise awareness of a brand or product launch through media relations, to drive traffic to a website or to build a social media following. By specifying the objectives the PR agency can then propose the best tactics to achieve your goals and also draw attention to any considerations.
  1. Who is your target audience? Be clear on who your core audience is and any new audiences you want to target, as this assists greatly with the proposal. 
  1. Do you have assets already? Let the PR company know if you have assets readily available such as photos, statistics, quotes etc.
  1. Budget. Ideally you will include the budget, so that the PR agency can recommend the best strategy to maximise these resources. 
  1. Timeframe. You may be looking for a monthly retainer to attract ongoing media coverage, or a one-off project. Letting us know your preferred structure will allow the PR agency to prepare a relevant proposal that meets your timings and objectives. 

So, now you know how to write a PR brief, Sense Communications look forward to receiving your brief and working with you to achieve your PR goals. You can get in touch with us here.

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