Bacardi Martini Australia X Mamas Dining Group


  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Media Buying / Advertising

Sense Communications was tasked with managing a media relations, media buying and influencer engagement project for Bacardi Martini Australia X Mamas Dining Group Campaign, promoting PatrĂ³n’s partnership with venues for Margarita March featuring $15 margaritas. Sense Communications engaged a photographer and managed all content creation fro the campaign. Effective editorial media coverage was secured to amplify the campaign’s reach and impact, while certain media advertising was secured to guarantee coverage for the last minute campaign. Sense identified food and lifestyle influencers to attend the participating venues and share their experiences with the cocktails. Through strategic collaboration and effective outreach, Sense Communications successfully enhanced visibility and engagement for the BMA X Mamas Dining Group Campaign, positioning it as a standout event in the culinary scene.

  • 23 pieces of media coverage
  • 10 influencers attended and promoted the campaign
  • From these 10 influencers, 12 posts and 52 stories were shared
  • Total reach: 291,200
  • Total Engagements: 74,840


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