Beloved Cannoleria Unveils Unique Easter Specials

Cannoleria unveils their unique Easter specials and is set to impress with their unique hot cross bun cannoli – in collaboration with Cobb Lane.

Cannoleria x Cobb Lane Collaboration: Hot Cross Bun Cannoli

Melbournians are in for a treat as Cannoleria, the beloved cannoli specialist, partners with cherished local bakery, Cobb Lane, to create the perfect Easter cannoli – the Hot Cross Bun Cannoli.

The limited edition treat is made up of a rich blend of That’s Amore Cheese ricotta blended with Cobb Lane’s house-made hot cross buns. The blend is encased in Cannoleria’s signature shell and garnished with Cobb Lane hot cross bun pieces.

The Cobb Lane hot cross buns used are made with Pepe Saya cultured butter, Australian dried fruit and the perfect amount of citrus peel. They are finished with a spiced orange glaze for the ultimate sticky fruit bun and the perfect partner to ricotta cannoli.

Available from 25th March until 1st April (unless sold out prior)

Easter Cannoli Pre-Orders

Celebrating Easter can be that little bit more convenient for Melburnians with pre-orders of Cannoleria’s artisan cannoli, available for pick up at any Cannoleria location. Cannoleria offers a delectable range of traditional cannoli for pre-order, plus the Easter limited edition Hot Cross Bun Cannoli, so all those Easter cravings can be satisfied.

Also, to get that extra crunch, chocolate lined cannoli are available for pre-order. Choc hot cross bun cannoli anyone?

At Cannoleria, each delicate cannoli tube is filled to perfection with various flavours of  That’s Amore Cheese ricotta. With a commitment to sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, Cannoleria creates traditional and innovative flavours that are free from preservatives and artificial flavourings. 

Cannoleria’s cannoli deliciousness is the perfect match for the Easter season! 

Further information and pre-orders are available via the Cannoleria website.

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