Mini burrata

That’s Amore Cheese has added a new mini cheese to its delicious range of products, aimed at lovers of gooey Burrata – the Mini Burrata.

An exciting new concept for the Australian cheese market, the 60g Mini Burrata is essentially the baby version of That’s Amore Cheese’s regular sized Burrata. In comparison to the original 125g sized ball of deliciousness, the Mini Burrata comes packaged in a tub of two, weighing in at 120g per tub.

Like That’s Amore Cheese’s award-winning regular sized Burrata, the Mini Burrata is a fresh cow’s milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. To make it, That’s Amore’s expert cheesemakers create an outer shell of mozzarella, which is crafted in a money bag style, that is then filled with strips of mozzarella bathed in cream.

Foodies will still experience just as much gooeyness when cutting through the outer layer of the Mini Burrata’s mozzarella outer layer, with each of the two balls oozing their filling when sliced.

Like regular Burrata, this mini version will be ideal enjoyed with crispy bread and a drizzle of olive oil, served on a salad, or torn up and scattered over a fresh bowl of pasta.

The new product will be available to purchase from That’s Amore’s Cheesery, as well as participating delis and supermarkets. Diners are also sure to soon find the Mini Burrata on the menu at many restaurants and cafes around the country, as the That’s Amore regular Burrata is already a popular choice for the hospitality industry.

That’s Amore Cheese’s exciting new Mini Burrata will be the next cult buy for foodies and Burrata lovers wanting to add a unique and delicious product to their upcoming cheese platter, party dish, or simply elevate their midweek meal.

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