KMC Solutions revolutionise offshoring for local businesses

KMC Solutions is revolutionising offshoring teams for local businesses with an exciting development set to enable further growth as KMC expands its operations into Australia. With a locally registered entity and an Australian-based General Manager, KMC brings a wealth of expertise and transformative solutions to empower companies and enhance their global competitiveness.

Founded over a decade ago, KMC has evolved into the largest staff leasing and flexible space provider in the Philippines. KMC specialises in recruiting and hiring dedicated teams for companies, taking care of everything including HR, payroll and compliance, while also offering workspace set-up services.

KMC’s prior success in supporting Australian high-growth companies include Catch Group and Mecca and their expertise in international employment complexities has enabled these businesses to effectively scale their business.

The decision to establish a presence in Australia follows the success of operations in the US and demand from Australian companies as they recognised the benefits of an offshore Philippine team. KMC has appointed Ivan Trajkovski as the Australian General Manager to provide enhanced on-the-ground support and an unparalleled customer experience to Australian partners.

Unlocking Recruitment Opportunities for Australian Businesses

By streamlining the offshoring process, KMC connects businesses with a broader pool of qualified professionals, enabling them to overcome staffing challenges and access untapped talent. By eliminating the complexities of local incorporation, KMC’s Employer of Record model not only reduces costs and increases efficiency but also ensures full compliance with local laws and workforce
regulations.This allows businesses to redirect resources toward up-skilling their local workforce and focusing on core business functions. With a proven track record of supporting high-growth companies like Zoom, Okta, Payscale and Peloton, KMC ensures stability and success through industry-leading employee retention.

KMC Solutions Positively Impacting Australian Employment

KMC emphasises that their expansion to Australia is driven by the growing need for access to a wider talent pool. Many Australian businesses struggle to find the right talent domestically and KMC bridges that gap, enabling companies to expand and ultimately create more jobs within Australia. Moreover, by offshoring routine tasks, businesses can redirect resources to up-skill their local
workforce, promoting growth and creating opportunities for higher-level positions. The KMC approach not only supports the growth of Australian businesses but also contributes positively to the domestic job market.

KMC Solutions Offshore Workspaces

Beyond recruitment, KMC provides a range of state-of-the-art flexible office spaces tailored to business needs across the Philippines. From serviced co-working and private offices to virtual office solutions, KMC’s offerings cater to diverse requirements. With 20+ buildings across key locations, including Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and more, KMC provides an ideal environment for companies looking
to expand their footprint in the region.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our operations in Australia,” said KMC Teams CEO, Parry Nagpal.

“The team are proud of the work we have done with Australian businesses so far, and seeing their expansion is very rewarding. However, we knew we wanted to increase this presence as so many companies are recognising the benefits of establishing a Philippine team as part of their structure. By establishing a dedicated, on-the-ground General Manager and being able to offer this localised
service, we are cementing our place as a leading offshore recruiter to link companies with a Philippine workforce. We have seen the benefits for both the businesses and the Australian market as a whole and we are excited to see continued growth into the future.”

With a focus on recruitment solutions and flexible office spaces, KMC is poised to be a catalyst for Australian enterprises, revolutionising offshoring for local businesses, unlocking opportunities and driving positive impact without compromising local employment.

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