Mister Bianco

Mister Bianco is well known for its delicious Sicilian influenced dishes and the upcoming dinner – Once Upon A Time In Sicily – is a no exception, with owner/chef Joe Vargetto taking inspiration from his upbringing in an Italian household in Bayside and the 

Being held on Tuesday 2nd May at 6.30pm, Once Upon A Time In Sicily will see guests enjoy a cocktail on arrival before five delicious courses, each matched with a Sicilian wine.

Joe Vargetto has created a menu that will tantalise taste buds and that will give guests an opportunity to try dishes that are not usually available at Mister Bianco. Each dish is Joe’s contemporary take on Sicilian cuisine and is a tribute to his mum.

The essence of the dinner is that nothing is wasted. Sicilian migrants would be resourceful with food and to make amazing, creative dishes with what little they had.  

Once Upon A Time In Sicily Dinner at Mister Bianco

Tuesday 2nd May, 6.30pm

$189 per person

Cocktail on arrival, and four course dinner with matched Sicilian wines

Crumbed Fried Local Mushroom, Green Tomato and Lupini Butter Panino

Carrot, Pork Hock Gelatina, Sauce of Mustard & Capers

Spelt Cavatelli, Romanesco Cauliflower Aglio e Olio

Beef, Almonds & Onion Caramel

Gelato Cassata

Tickets via http://bit.ly/3LGg4Wl 

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