Ugo cucina populare

From the team that brings you That’s Amore Cheese and Cannoleria, UGO Cucina Popolare has just launched five new and unique food activations set to elevate private functions.

From their pasta tossed in a parmesan wheel to a burrata bar, antipasto/grazing tables, Abruzesse Roast Porchetta sliced before guests’ eyes and a private chef experience, UGO has the perfect food offering for any event or budget. Each activation is ideal for in-venue events or gatherings at home, giving any occassion that extra ‘wow’ factor.


  • UGO Burrata Populare
  • UGO Porchetta Popolare
  • UGO Norcino Station (Cheese & Salumi Grazing Table)
  • UGO Pasta Popolare
  • UGO Private Chef

UGO Burrata Populare

Served from a dedicated station, guests will be able to enjoy their very own plate of fresh 60g burrata handmade by none other than That’s Amore Cheese. Along with the award-winning, oozy cheese they will also be able to pick and choose their garnish and condiments served by the UGO team.

Condiments available include (choice of 5 per plate):

  • Fresh heirloom tomatoes
  • Beetroot & thyme
  • Black garlic dip
  • Bacon jam
  • Prosciutto & melon
  • Peaches & mint
  • Giardiniera
  • Eggplant caponata
  • Peperonata
  • Crunchy pancetta
  • Marinated olives
  • Grissini, bread, foaccacia

Cost: $20.00 GST Inc per person (10% discount if booked with another activation). 

Minimum 50 Guests. Planners can choose to add some extra theatrical effects to impress guests with a Mozzarella Stretching Demo and Tasting: +$800.00 GST inc.

UGO Porchetta Popolare

Like the large trucks setup in Abruzzo piazzas and farmer’s markets, UGO will carve up a whole roasted pig in front of guests to make delicious Italian sandwiches. Guests will be able to enjoy freshly sliced, warm porchetta served the traditional way, in a fresh ciabatta panino and garnished with pickled giardiniera and salsa verde. The full porchetta will be hand sliced by UGO’s chef and served by waitstaff in eco-friendly plates (they can also use supplied crockery). Not limited to one serving per person, the UGO  team will serve for 1.5 hours and all the leftovers will stay on-site at the conclusion of the activation.

Package includes:

  • 1 Full pig porchetta hand sliced in front of your guests by our chef
  • Mini ciabatta bread
  • Giardiniera pickled vegetables
  • Salsa Verde
  • 1 Seasonal salad as a side dish
  • 2 staff members (1 chef + 1 waitstaff to assist with food service)
  • All the leftover porchetta (perfect for late snacks or for your guests to take home)

Cost: Small Porchetta Package: Feeds up to 50 guests: $25/person GST Inc

Large Porchetta Package: Feeds up to 100 guests: $22/person GST inc

Minimum 50 Guests. 10% discount applies if booked with another activation.

UGO Norcino Station (Cheese & Salumi Grazing Table)

Inspired by the Norcino, a traditional Italian pork butcher, a cheese and salumi grazing table is the perfect way to add ‘wow’ factor to any event and showcase Italian and Australian products side by side. From a dedicated station, guests will be able to help themselves and enjoy a selection of cured meats and pre-cut cheeses. The station will be managed by the UGO team for a duration of 1.5 hours to ensure it is restocked and kept tidy for the main part of the activation.

Grazing tables include a selection of imported and local cheeses, cured meat and of course, UGO’s famous Porchetta. All grazing tables come with condiments, lavosh, bread rolls, grissini, olives, fruits and nuts. Event planners can also add a Mozzarella stretching/tasting demo to their package for a theatrical and memorable experience.

Cost: Norcino Station (Cured meat only): $30.00 GST Inc per person

Salumi & Cheese Grazing Table: $35.00 GST Inc per person

(10% discount per person if booked with another activation)

Minimum 50 guests. Planners can choose to add an extra theatrical effect to impress guests with a Mozzarella Stretching Demo and Tasting: +$800.00 GST inc

UGO Pasta Popolare

Bring the Cheese Wheel Pasta craze to your next event, with UGO’s famous pasta tossed in a 40kg parmesan wheel! This Cheese Wheel Pasta is definitely a show-stopper, and can cater to huge event numbers in a minimum amount of time, so that guests can enjoy multiple serves if they’re feeling hungry. Served by the UGO team, guests will be able to enjoy a free-flowing pasta of their choosing tossed in a 40 kg Grana Padano Wheel over the duration of one hour. Pasta can be served in eco-friendly disposable bowls or supplied crockery.

Pasta varieties available includes (selection to be made at booking):

  • Spaghetti cacio e pepe
  • Rigatoni carbonara
  • Gnocchi sorrentina
  • Casarecce al ragout (slow-cooked beef ragu)
  • Orecchiette, broccoli, salsiccia
  • Maccheroni, lamb ragout peas

UGO also can cater for special dietary requirements.

Cost: $35.00 GST Inc per person. (10% discount if booked with another activation)

Minimum 50 guests.

UGO Private Chef

UGO also offers a unique and personalised Private Chef service for Melburnians looking to enjoy an exclusive culinary experience in the comfort of their homes or office. Planners can choose to hire a private chef for brunch, lunch or dinner for 6-12 people, and UGO can customise a menu to accommodate any special dietary requirements. The team have years of experience in Italian cuisine and fine dining and use only the freshest, in-season, local ingredients to make the meal unforgettable. From elaborate canapes to UGO’s signature Abruzese-style Roast Porchetta and classic Italian dishes, the team offer a wide range of menu options to suit any occasion and guest list. 


4-course lunch or dinner at a residence or office with Chef and Maître D for 6 -12 people (Brunch package available upon request).

The seasonal menu includes:

  • Antipasti (2 canapes + 1 plated entrée)
  • Pasta
  • Secondi + 2 Sides
  • Dolci

Wine selection and cocktails are available upon request.


Bump-in 1/1.5 hours before guest arrival. Lunch/dinner duration is between 3-4 hours.

Cost (GST Inc):

For 6 people: $180 per person = $1080

Additional $120 per person thereafter:

  • 8 people = $1,320
  • 10 people = $1,560
  • 12 people = $1,800

More information about UGO food activations here, 

More information about UGO private chef here, 

When it comes to event catering, whether it’s in-venue or at home, UGO is the ideal choice with unique, show-stopping activations bringing a piece of Italy to any function.

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