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Fruit Growers Victoria (FGV) has been engaged by Ag Vic to support employers and workers in the fruit picking and packing industry to understand their rights and responsibilities this season. 

The new program, Informed and Supported Workers, will provide information and assist those who need it – especially when a large proportion of the workers are from different cultures and for whom English is a second language.

With the recent flooding in and around Shepparton, Fruit Growers Victoria quickly adjusted their focus when the team realised that workers had been displaced and would need assistance. Some workers have been unable to get to work, or back home from work due to the floods cutting off roads and they needed information about the government support available.

FGV has been active in the Flood Recovery Centre helping people from diverse backgrounds to fill out forms for assistance and directing them to other services where required. The team have also been making themselves available outside of the Flood Recovery Centre hours, so workers do not have to leave work during the day.

Growers have also appreciated the assistance, where they have been given support in completing flood assistance forms but also finding out how their workers can be supported during the challenging time. 

As the flood issues recede, FGV will shift their assistance to further ensure that all employers and workers are up to date with the information they need, such as the new minimum wage guarantee, what workers’ entitlements are and to make sure they all have a good working experience.

Victorian Summer / Autumn Harvests

  • Cherries: Nov – Dec
  • Stonefruit (apricots, peaches, plums & nectarines): Dec – March
  • Pears: late Jan – March
  • Apples: Feb – May

Fruit Growers Victoria is keen to remain flexible in supporting the sector to improve practices to ensure workers have a ‘fruitful’ experience as needs change. The organisation is acting as an independent voice for workers to talk too.

Those who are already working, or about to work, in the fruit orchards around the Goulburn Valley who need support or assistance should call Amber from Fruit Growers Victoria on 0457 657 007. Workers or their friends and family can leave or send a message to arrange to have a call back with an interpreter to ensure that they are able to understand the information.

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