Shine Skin and Body Launched Revolutionary Facial

Shine Skin and Body has launched a revolutionary carbon-extraction facial that integrates their renowned extraction treatment with a carbon facial. The leading Melbourne salon is a haven of innovation and excellence in the realm of facials.

The Carbon Facial

Owner and facialist Sheridan Rollard wanted to offer her clients the Carbon Facial, often referred to as the ‘China Doll Facial’, due to it having a reputation for achieving clear, radiant, and flawless skin with a porcelain-like finish. However, no new treatment is introduced to Shine Skin & Body without rigorous research and testing and, after six months of trials, Sheridan recognised a correlation
between carbon treatments and skin breakouts soon after and so wanted to improve the experience and offer a holistic solution.

Carbon Facials work by the carbon attaching itself to the oils and congestion within and the laser then heats and activates the carbon, bringing the impurities to the surface while stimulating collagen production, exfoliating and tightening the skin. But in a standard Carbon Facial this is where it ends, with no hydration and the body left to finish purging the oils itself, and this is where breakouts often
occur before the clear skin comes through. Effectively, what is usually offered is half a facial.

Revolutionary Carbon-Extraction Facial Launch

That is where Shine Skin & Body is changing this, by harnessing all the benefits of a Carbon Facial but with their signature extraction facial to ensure a full service and removing the impurities to leave clients with clear, clean, bright and refreshed skin when they walk out of the door.

Shine’s innovative Carbon Blackhead Removal Facial is a 70 minute facial that incorporates advanced cleansing techniques that are essential for maintaining healthy skin. When the carbon facial is complete the facialist will undertake tailored steaming and extraction of pores, ranging from 5 to 40 minutes based on individual skin needs. To conclude, hydrating serums and sunscreen are applied,
ensuring comprehensive protection against potential sun damage.

Acne and Scar Reduction Carbon-Extraction Facial

For those with acne issues or scarring, Shine Skin and Body goes one step further to offer an Acne and Scar Reduction Facial which is an advanced 85 minute version of the exclusive Carbon Blackhead Removal, including Fractional Laser and LED. The Fractional Laser deeply penetrates the skin to target acne and stimulates collagen to reduce the appearance of scarring.

The Carbon Blackhead Removal Facial will be priced $300 but there is currently an introductory price of $220 and the Acne & Scar Reduction Facial is $430 but an introductory price on a course of six treatments is currently available for $1935.

About Shine Skin and Body

Founded in 2012 by Sheridan Rolland, expert beautician and skin specialist, alongside her husband Jason, Shine Skin & Body has become synonymous with transformative skincare treatments and famous for their no-tool extractions. With over three decades of experience, Sheridan’s skill and passion for skincare has flourished along with her business. While initially offering a range of beauty
services, Shine Skin and Body’s expert facials quickly gained immense popularity, becoming the focus of their offerings. The salon’s relocation to a larger space in Richmond in 2018, coupled with the expansion of a dedicated team of facial experts, reflects the growing demand for their exceptional and holistic services and signature extraction facials.

Shine Skin and Body stands as a pioneer in Melbourne, being the only salon to provide this fully transformative Carbon Facial experience.

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