Victorian cherry season

The Victorian cherry season is here, and we’re working with The Victorian Cherry Association to spread the news to media about the sweetest time of the year.

Lucky Australians are set for a sweet Christmas and New Year with the return of the much-loved Victorian Cherry Season from late November through to late January.

The Victorian Cherry Season usually begins in the first or second week of November with the peak season being in the weeks leading up to Christmas, just in time for festive feasting.  This year’s season is running slightly later due to the recent rain – which, is good news, resulting in there being plenty of delicious cherries to enjoy into the New Year.

Some of Australia’s most popular cherry varieties grow in Victoria and the main cherry production areas are the Goulburn valley, Yarra Valley and Sunraysia regions. Orchards across all regions have recently reported that crops are light to medium and the season will be slightly later, so there will be plenty of cherries ripe for the picking December into January. This is great news for cherry lovers who will be able to enjoy this summer staple through the summer.

Cherries, like other seasonal crops can be subject to localised or broader inclement weather, however, while one orchard or area may be affected by weather, supply is often met from other growers. Also, cherries are unique in that a new variety begins harvest each week of the season, meaning that new varieties come on after the bad weather passes. There will be peak supplies for shoppers to look out for. They can ask their local greengrocer or visit one of the orchards to ask the farmer direct!

Visitors will also once again be able to visit the popular Cherry Trail and support the orchards directly.  The Cherry Trail gives consumers the chance to meet the growers and buy farm-fresh cherries directly from the orchard and even pick-your-own at some of the farms. The Victorian Cherry Trail includes seven orchards and businesses located in three cherry-growing regions in Victoria; Yarra Valley & Ranges, Upper Goulburn Valley and Macedon Ranges.

Alison Jones, President of The Victorian Cherry Association said “This year’s cherry season will ensure Australians can enjoy this summer staple not only over Christmas but well into the New Year. Cherries are the ultimate summer fruit and a guilt free snack!! It is great to know we will be enjoying them through most of the summer months.

“We are also delighted to welcome back Victorians to the Victorian Cherry Trail, which is always a great day out for families and friends whilst directly supporting Victorian farms after two challenging seasons. It is also the ideal way to learn more about how cherries are grown and take the family to teach the next generation by visiting a cherry orchard.

“I hope that Victorians support the growers, who work hard on this seasonal crop each year, by purchasing cherries in markets, local grocers and supermarkets.”

Victorian Cherries are perfect for entertaining picnics and simply snacking. Whether they are served on a festive cherry board, used as a decadent table centrepiece or added to a number of sweet or savoury dishes, including salads, salsas, sauces and dressings or desserts, there is a cherry serving for everyone. Victorian Cherries are also ideal as gifts or something special to take to an occasion or gathering, they ensure everyone’s Christmas and summer holidays are delicious.

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